Scott and Quinton first met through work - even though one lived in Hamilton and the other in Invercargill.

And, possibly due to some sneaky manoeuvres on Quinton's part, their long-distance friendship blossomed into something more.

That resulted in a beautiful and emotional wedding in Ngaruawahia, where the happy couple was surrounded by family and friends and a good time was had by all.

But we'll let Quinton tell you the rest...

The happy couple: Scott and Quinton.

How did you meet? We met eight years ago both working for the same company. Scott was manager of a store in Hamilton and I was the assistant manager in Invercargill.

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Scott enquired about stock I had in my store and wanted me to transfer it out, we talked back and forth for a while and the friendship started. After taking the leap and flying north to meet (much to the hesitation of my close friends) – we met and both knew the friendship was going to be more.

Scott might tell you I sent the wrong stock on purpose and maybe I did, but that's the story of how we met and the rest, as they say, is history.

Tell us about the proposal: Getting married was a dream, and something most people want. It was something I never thought would happen but once the law passed I knew making our partnership a marriage was the right move, turning a dream into a reality was exciting.

Marriage is real and it's exciting taking any relationship to the next step. One afternoon I purchased the ring, rang Scott's dad and asked him for his blessing. Colin was excited and we had a great laugh - at first he told me NO, not at all. I was confused and after an awkward silence, we both laughed and I knew he was joking.

I had it all planned out in my head what I wanted to do, but when I got that ring in my hands, I was so nervous. I couldn't keep it in my hot little hands long enough. That same night, after a beautiful dinner cooked by Scott, I handed him the ring and couldn't talk because of my nerves.

I asked him (I think I did - I may of just handed it to him, smiling away!), Scott said yes, and we were both very happy. That was two years ago.

Location of wedding: It was hard finding the right location. At first we were going to marry in Invercargill but decided on Scott's mum and stepdad's farm in Ngaruawahia, which was perfect. We married in a paddock with beautiful views surrounded by family and friends.

Describe your wedding day: Scott and I were parted the night before and both had great people around us, helping out and making things perfect.

Hair and makeup started early for the groomettes and groomsmaids and just after lunch, Scott and I met for the first time. It was truly a beautiful moment and many tears were shared.

Scott arrived in our friend's 1958 Buick; we drove to get photos, as we choose to do them before the ceremony so we could spend more time with our guests once we were married. The photos were taken at a friend's house in her yard that over looks the Waikato River. It was absolutely gorgeous.

We headed back to Scott's parents' farm where we waited till 4pm and watched as our guests arrived from inside the house. They couldn't see us and it was truly exciting to see everyone's faces as they saw the beautiful set-up that awaited them. Then came the ceremony, which was so emotional and absolutely perfect.

After the hilarious speeches and scrummy food, it was a relaxed evening with music and many laughs with family and friends, and everyone enjoying the evening.

The suits: We didn't plan to match as we didn't know what each other would wear, but Scott had a stunning blue and black patterned jacket from ASOS with a black bow-tie, white shirt and black pants – and his shoes were perfect. I was in matching colours, wearing a vest, navy tie and white shirt and navy pants and tan shoes, all from a local supplier.

The flowers: I asked for bright, colourful and happy flowers and let our supplier do her magic. Our girls had bouquets with gerberas and roses mixed with greenery and a mix of bright and groovy flowers.

Scott and I had matching white roses as a boutonniere and his brother Phil (the best man) had a purple rose. We used a local supplier, Love Vintage from Ngaruawahia, and Carly did a truly wonderful job.

Highlight of the wedding: The photo booth - it truly was fun for all. The whole day was a highlight - being able to marry your best friend and being surrounded by the love of family and friends was a wonderful experience. It was truly emotional - something I didn't want to end.

Was there any drama? We had no drama at all. The day was fabulous and everything ran very well.

The honeymoon: We had two weeks together taking local trips around the Waikato after the wedding. Our proper honeymoon will be in two years' time and in America.

Your photographer and favourite photo? Ashleigh Muir Photography. Ash is a local Hamilton photographer. She was fantastic and all our photos are magical - choosing just one is hard. Ash captured many moments between us, so all our photos are perfect and favourites for both of us.


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