Mariah Carey and fiancé James Packer’s most-awaited wedding was postponed indefinitely. The reported lavish wedding being planned was supposed to take place in March. The month is about to end, and no wedding took place.

What is the reason behind the deferment? Yahoo News mentioned in its report that the singer’s heavy tour schedule and her upcoming life documentary are hindering the preparations. It also added that the conflict between James’ mother and Nick Cannon’s ex-wife might be another reason.

Mariah Carey, James Packer Wedding: Billionaire’s Family Behind The Indefinite Postponement?

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The $100 million wedding was put off because the Packer family, particularly James’ mother, Roslyn Packer, and the singer do not see each other eye to eye. According to The Inquisitr, Mrs. Packer, who seemed happy about her son’s engagement, possibly developed doubts as the wedding preparations progressed.

The Packer matriarch is a low-profile woman, while Mariah Carey loves the spotlight. His family also reacted on the guest list where the Packer family’s friends and relatives cannot be accommodated. The singer opted to invite around 50 guests for the wedding.

The Inquisitr cited that its source revealed that most of the guests were Mariah’s Hollywood friends. Gretel, James’ sister and her daughter are not on the list.

The documentary, according to the singer, will not have her fiancé because he is a busy businessman. Could this be a sign that James Packer is having second thoughts about her?

Mariah has publicized before that she wants her wedding to be a super lavish one with circus equipment and animals. The budget is not a problem; the wedding can cost a whopping $100 million. With the huge budget, why was the guest list limited to omit some close family and friends?

Mariah Carey, who is making money with her tours, has not yet issued follow-up statements on the recent turn of events.

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