Normally an upcoming wedding means poring over a registry and getting into tuxedo and gown shape. For, it’s an opportunity to utilize the comedic stylings of Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti for an infectious new campaign.

As some of you have seen, the comedians have been peppered over the television recently, espousing the value of travel website Booking as the duo plans their very real upcoming nuptials.

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The website has promised six spots in total with “even more celebrity wedding guests and adventures.”

The assumption is that we get some awesome cameos in the near future.

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti's Wedding Bliss Is's Marketing Brilliance

For the moment, we have some examples of how things could go awry if you aren’t careful with your wedding plans.

The first commercial illustrates the potential downside to a yurt, which is seemingly not nearly as hilarious as an island getaway:

Of course, a destination wedding might mean getting into beach-season shape, which is physically taxing.

We recommend pulling up another bowl of ice cream now and planning a parka-mandated winter wonderland later.

Peretti has enjoyed success on Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” as Gina Linetti and offered the following on the publicized push: “We loved the idea of blurring fact and fiction.”

Peele, who started on “MADtv” but rose to stardom on “Key and Peele,” echoed the enthusiasm: “It was fun to create a heightened world based around our real wedding”

Obviously, is using the campaign to boast of its own travel search functionality that allows travelers to do their own scouring regardless of event type.

Also see: beautiful prom dresses's CMO Pepijn Rijvers expounded on the Peele/Peretti push: “This humorous campaign offers travel inspiration built around experiences related to a big event and highlights's amazingly broad and diverse choice of perfect places to stay—from hotels to villas to apartments—that satisfy every traveler's interests and needs whenever, wherever and for however long they want to go.”

And we leave it to you to play the daydream game with your special significant other. That’s when you lay on the couch and throw out possible vacation destinations.

It begins with a simple web query and moves on to hilarious hypotheticals. Hopefully, it ends with an actual unforgettable holiday.